Global Game Jam 2019

Here we are even this year in Milan for the annual GGJ event, I’m very excited for that. It’s very interesting to see how the hype for this event is raising every year as I really enjoy all the creativity and craziness you can find almost only here.

So here we are with our developed-in-48-hours-nostop-game, this time it’s called Teddy, and it’s a sort of casual, horror game.

In a randomly generated house, you have to be the kid, and explore the house all alone, searching for the teddy bear to give you some courage, and then reach your mom. Both the teddy and the mother will be placed in a random location on the map, so every play will be different.

Oh! And mind the monster! I mentioned it, didn’t I? A very obscure presence handled by an AI is seeking for you all over the places in the house, so beware to not be seen, or hide yourself in one of the many hiding spots, or all will be lost.

Ready to try the game? It’s available as always from here on