First public reveal of the new Green Flamingo Studios’ project: Sphere Gear prototype at Svilupparty 2019

Four players trying our game in a local multiplayer 2vs2 round.

After two full time months of early development we were finally able to show our first playable prototype of our game at the Svilupparty event held in Bologna city (Italy).

The event aims to bring people of all kinds and ages to come and test games developed by freelances and small studios: a very useful event for developers seeking early stage impressions and feedback for the whole project and gameplay.

It was a very good experience for us: we as a group had a lot of interest from people that were very curious about our peculiar gameplay of this particular game, and so we’re now looking forward to develop the game to its next stage, and maybe even finding a publisher for it!

Following, a very early alpha stage of our game in a small video we made as a trailer.