Some experience with the Microsoft Hololens 2

Hello everyone, I’ve recently been involved in a project concerning mixed reality for Architecture and models visualization.

The project uses a Microsoft Hololens 2 device to achieve the goal bringing the Mixed Reality to the project, which is quite a thing!

We’re actually doing accurate testing to see the limit of the device and see how far we can push it for our purposes, and at the same time build a sustainable work pipeline for the Studio I’m working with, so to make them be independent concerning the future implementation of new mesh models.

It all sounds quite promising for that specific field and kind of jobs, maybe because I’m quite prone to think even about the constructions, engineering and architectural world due to the job my father does, but I see a lot of possible implementation that would both be interesting for costumers and workers in these fields. I’ll try to keep you all up to date with my personal experience and news I’ll come across.

Till then!